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Leather pants. They are timeless. They are both rough and feminine. To us, it's one of the most outspoken items you can have in your closet. Yet, we believe there is something slightly better than real leather pants: replika.

Our 'replika' pants are not made from real leather. But they look exactly like the real thing. They have the same features: the thickness, the sturdiness. And they even have something extra. Our pants are softer, stretchier, and comfier than real leather. You can machine wash our pants - don't try that with real leather. And to top it all off: our pants are animal friendly.

So, replika is like the real thing. Plus a little extra.

Find your faux leather fit

naomi pants naomi pants

naomi pants

The Naomi pants are diverse. They are both on-trend and classy. You can wear them with your high heels. Or you can combine them with your sneakers for a more casual look.

francis pants francis pants

francis pants

The Francis pants are high-rise, tapered, and they accentuate your waist. So in case you feel like showing off, these are your perfect pair of pants.

afke pants afke pants

afke pants

When it's time for a differend look, and you don't want to wear your jeans or classic leather pants - go with the afke pants. The wide legs give you the extra funk you need.

amber pants amber pants

amber pants

The Amber pants are sporty. They are feminine. And they go with everything. It's one of those items that will always help you out when you're stuck staring at your closet.

alix pants alix pants

alix pants

The Alix pants are one of those items that elevate your outfit, instantly. They are easy to match. They are practical. So if you're looking for a staple piece - this is it.

colette pants colette pants

colette pants

If you want comfort and still want to look a little chique, the Colette pants are your best pick. They are flattering, dressy and just as comfy as they look.

sally pants sally pants

sally pants

Promise: once your put on the Sally pants, you will never want to take them off. They are made of a more lightweight variant of our replika material and have a loose fit. This makes them perfect for warmer days.



just like the real thing. plus a little extra.