About us

With style, simplicity, comfort and quality as signature features, Knit-ted shows its easy but sophisticated wearability. The Knit-ted look is clean yet playful, a focus on how fashion is lived through the lives of modern women today. The sensuality and strength of the collection faces the dynamics of today’s world, reflected in styles that can be worn with confidence and elegance. The focus on a play of contrasts between masculine and feminine elements also creates the laidback Knit-ted look with an elegant modern twist.

Our story so far

• Knit-ted was founded in 2009 by Petra Stapper. The same year as her daughter Teddie was born. Her name is 'hidden' in the name of the brand.

• The head office of Knit-ted is situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where a team of 5 employees are working on the brand.

• Knit-ted has agents in Germany, Norway, Ireland and Austria representing the brand.

• Knit-ted has nearly 100 points of sale in their home market and is present in 6 other countries.

• Knit-ted offers two womenswear collections a year; Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer.

"When time stops, life begins"

In our life there are events, people and belongings that will change us...Things that at first glance aren’t that special, but get meaning when we realize how we got there and what function it wears in our cycle of life.

It makes us realize that everything around us at this very moment could make the change we are looking for. It makes us realize that these moments are the timeless and essence of being.

"The way we dress affects the way we think, we feel and we act. Therefore it is important to feel good in what you are wearing. Feel the freedom to act on impulses and live in the moment. Empower yourself to pursue what matters most in life. Be happy and confident. That’s all that matters."

- Petra Stapper, founder and designer

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