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Our materials

Meet our materials. The most luxurious fabrics and fibers carefully put together in our very own capsules. Discover our capsules with crispy cotton, comfortable merino wool and light weight

Aspen capsule

32% Superfine Alpaca / 32% Extrafine Merino Wool
/ 30% Polyamide Fibre / 6% Elastan

Long known and regarded as a prince of fibres, our alpaca offers not only supreme softness with subtle surface hair but also superb thermal qualities yet remaining light weight and elegant. Our beautiful Aspen Alpaca / Merino blend is certified with the Responsible Wool Standard.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS)

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Raccoon capsule

46% Wool / 28% Nylon / 23% Raccoon / 3% Spandex

Raccoon dogs naturally shed their hair from May till June as part of its growing process. The hair simply doesn't fit anymore. This natural shed hair is gently brushed from the raccoon by hand and spun in a yarn that has a comfortable touch and luxurious warm feeling. Raccoon hair is even more special than cashmere, as the raccoon only loses its hair once a year. The density of raccoon fiber is lower than cashmere, which makes it lighter and withholds warmth even better.

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Peachskin ECO

10% Silk / 70% Organic Cotton / 20% CiCLO® Recycled Nylon

Peachskin ECO is a luxurious silk and cotton blend yarn, with a soft touch and a fluid drape. The yarn has the freshness and the light strength of cotton and all the luxury and quality of silk. With its lightweight aspect and compact handle, peachskin has great performance qualities which makes it perfect for every season.

Peachskin ECO is a more sustainable version of this iconic yarn: we have used organic cotton and CiCLO® Recycled Nylon to spin this new, high quality version that we are sure you are going to love.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, BCI Cotton

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replika capsule

60% Polyurethane / 40% Viscose

Our 'replika' pants are not made from real leather. But they look exactly like the real thing. They have the same features: the thickness, the sturdiness. And they even have something extra. Our pants are softer, stretchier, and comfier than real leather. You can machine wash our pants - don't try that with real leather. And to top it all off: our pants are animal friendly.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

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Astro50 capsule

50% Superkid Mohair / 32% Polyamide /
18% Extra Fine Merino

The Astro50 blend is one of the rich fancy yarns we use. With its soft and airy handfeel surely one of our favorite certified sustainable mohair fibres. The finest quality of mohair is obtained from the first shearing. Super kid mohair is shorn from the youngest goats. This mohair has the best hand feel and is of the best quality.

Made in Italy.

Certifications: Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS), MOHAIR

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New England ECO capsule

100% ExtraFine Merino

Our New England ECO capsule is made from 100% extra fine merino fleece from Australia. New England ECO is the emblem of our commitment to sustainability, quality and affordability. The fibres are carefully dyed and skilfully blended to achieve a vibrancy and depth of color. Expert technicians spin these fibres with care and finesse to create a yarn with exceptional qualities.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Responsible Wool Standard 2.0 (RWS).

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