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AW — 22 / Collection

Warm, luxurious and comforting at the same time. This season we explore a style heritage of contemporary minimalism with eye to detail. Refreshingly simple and easy with an emphasis on re-use.

A pretty tonal palette of tinted neutrals, accents with the greys and browns as groundwork shades for the season. Beautifully connected to earth...and to you.


Jena blouse, Martha pullover & Hebe pants.


Our inspiration for Cozy Cocoon.

Cozy cocoon

This group of greens have a ‘combat’ quality ranging from barely green tinted neutrals to browner hues and a classic surplus tone. To modernize we played around with futuristic concepts in these shades. Go muted cool with greige and greenish duffle, or warm up the combination with goldish hues.

The earthy shades are reflective of moody landscapes and natural materials. Build in texture – jacquard, quilted and ribbed, with chunky and hairy fibres. Explore texture as much as possible and work in these practical neutralized mid levels.

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Bare faced

Clays tones, natural pinks and browns. A subdued and neutralized version of the pinkish/plaster hued family and acts as another of the warmer groundworks of the season. A pretty tonal palette of tinted neutrals accents with the Coffee brown or default to Ivory.

Comes in lofty yarns for cosy, cocooning comfort. Slub textures, lots of ribs and cosy alpaca softness.

Inspired by masks and sculptures and its sensual forms, and no make up make up looks.

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Minimal elegance

A minimal, neutral, but still intriguing palette that also drives ‘colour’ as a theme. A ‘Back to Basics’ spirit. Refreshingly simple and easy. Muted, disturbed and muddled colours remain on trend in these recycled, reused adaptations of classics.

Buttermilk makes a beautiful base shade for soft, lofty layers. Black is of course indespensible
and flows as the inevitable base through any season, bring through Light Grey and Choco as new classics. The soft accenting shades adjacent can be used as versatile shades for mains as well throughout the season.

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